Marquee Hire Sydney

Marquee hire Sydney, the outdoor marquee specialists:

We are an outdoor marquee company that specialises in quality, portable marquees. The days of large, bulky outdoor cover are long gone. Our Sydney Marquees are custom designed for your needs, allowing you to mix and match the size, style and colour to suit your event or location, so that you’re sure to get exactly the portable tent you require.

Hire SydneyAs we deliver to anywhere in Sydney NSW, our custom outdoor marquee range is available to any business, area or school. These are a serious investment, but they can bring years of shade, protection and enjoyment. So Contact us today to find out how our quality products can be tailored to your needs.

Portable marquees for your school: Something that anyone can enjoy.

The school marquee has never been more portable than with our light- but sturdy and durable- frames. Keeping in mind the safety of the children, the requirements for schools can be very particular, and we specialises in meeting those criteria. With a secure and stable aluminium frame, your outdoor stock is so simple to set up and take down. So for your next school event, save time, money and effort with a quality folding marquee from us.

Our range of school and portable marquees in Sydney includes:

The 30 series: This is the basic heavy duty school stock. With all 30 series models using strong nylon connectors, they really are portable offering a great entry level shade solution.
The 35 series: This is a heavier duty option designed with larger legs, cross pieces and stronger connectors. The 35 series outdoor marquee is a great choice the user who just wants that little bit extra.
The 40 series: This is the highest level of school marquees offered in Australia. The sturdy frame has the largest legs, strongest cross pieces, extruded aluminium connectors and is the most durable frame available.
Show your pride: Custom printing for your school logo.

We also offer custom printing and design for all our portable marquees, allowing you to choose custom colours, logos and messages to be displayed on your school marquee. So at the next interschool event, make your school stand out with your logo or the students.

To make sure you get the best result for your needs, we offer two printing options:

Screen printing: This option is ideal for multiple orders, and is used for solid colour designs. Using premium quality inks, we print on our 500D polyester with precision and impact.
Digital printing: Digital printing is 100% customisable and is printed on high quality 100% PVC with UV stabilised inks. This includes custom background colours and full colour photo printing.
Defy the weather:

A Sydney portable marquee will change the way you run school events for the better. With less hassle in setting up and taking down, the portable canopy that is custom designed for your school will look amazing and make organising your event so much simpler.

Our friendly team is passionate about providing the right outdoor canopy for you.